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Mr. Plumber Awarded “Ten Year Gold Award” from Consumers’ Choice Award

Posted 11-24-09

For the tenth consecutive year, Mr. Plumber has won the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence (2000-2009). They were one of only thirteen other businesses in the greater Atlanta area to receive the 10 Year Gold Award out of the 70 other Consumers’ Choice award winners ...

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Coolray Heating and Cooling Receives Training for Reduction of Staph and MRSA Contamination

Posted 10-20-09

Coolray Heating and Cooling Inc. recently completed training in the use and installation of state of the art, Certified Space Technology environmental equipment. According to Mike Letts, VP of activTek Environmental, Bristol, VA, this equipment is designed to reduce surface biological and chemical challenges in homes, offices, businesses and hospitals ...

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Coolray’s Flat Rate Pricing in Home A/C and Heating Repair

Posted 08-31-09

Coolray is leading the way for the heating, cooling, and plumbing industry by utilizing the practice of flat rate pricing - a practice that looks out for the customer ...

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Mr. Plumber’s Exclusive LIFETIME Tank Warranty

Posted 05-27-09

Mr. Plumber offers an amazing LiFETIME warranty on its Bradford White water tanks. "It's the last tank you'll ever need to buy" ...

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Coolray Heating and Cooling is Going “Green”

Posted 03-24-09

In these uncertain economic times we are all looking for ways to save money. Coolray Heating and Cooling shows us how to go "green" and save money ...

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Coolray Heating and Cooling Receives Titanium Dealer Award

Posted 01-15-09

Coolray Heating and Cooling was recently awarded the Titanium Dealer Award by the Trane Corporation ...

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Coolray Earns 2008 Consumers Choice Award

Posted 01-15-08

For the ninth consecutive year in a row, Coolray Heating & Cooling has won the Consumer's Choice Award for Business Excellence...

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Coolray Acquires All Weather Heating & Cooling

Posted 07-01-06

Coolray has acquired All Weather Heating & Cooling ...

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Coolray Earns 2005 Residential All Stars Award

Posted 09-25-05

If some of The News' 2005 Residential All- Stars look familiar, it's because they are. There are many repeats on both the residential...

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Coolray Heating and Cooling Acquires Mr. Plumber

Posted 05-15-04

Recently Coolray Heating and Cooling acquired Mr. Plumber ...

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