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Coolray Water Solutions can help you improve the water in your home using premier EcoWater systems.

To learn more about how a new water system can benefit you and your family, schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Safer water for the whole family

EcoWater offers a purification system that is better for the overall health of you, your family, and the planet. Great tasting water is always available with the right water treatment solution for your home. Bottled water is expensive and creates waste, but with EcoWater purification, you’ll experience:

  • Fewer contaminants for safer drinking water for the entire family; humans and pets
  • Reduction of plastic waste
  • Better tasting coffee and ice cubes 
  • Money saved by not having to purchase distilled water for small household appliances like your iron or steam mop

Home Water Softeners

Home Water Softners remove harmful cantaminants that cause hard water in your home including calcium, magnesium, sediment and iron.

Water Refiners

Water Refiners not only reduce the harmful minerals in your water, but they make it more enjoyable to drink! 

Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Systems can turn your kitchen sink into contaminant-free tap water making it safer to drink and use for cooking. 

Whole Home Filtration Systems

A Coolray Water Consultant can assist you with creating the perfect whole home filtration system to remove harmful cantaminents and customize for your metro Atlanta home's needs. 

Other Services and Products

  • Water Treatment

    Coolray offers water treatment solutions that will give your family safe, clean, and fresh water whenever you want it at every faucet in your home.

  • Two-Year Parts Warranty

    Coolray is a company you can trust. When you subscribe to our air conditioning maintenance plan, repairs are covered by our 2-Year Parts Warranty.

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