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You are in Alabama. Visit Georgia. Visit Tennessee.

You are in Alabama. Visit Georgia. Visit Tennessee.

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A Radiant Barrier Will Protect Your Home, Roof... And Wallet.

Looking for a lasting solution that prevents the need to run your AC around the clock? Radiant barriers from Coolray significantly lower the amount of energy it takes to cool your home during those hot Alabama months.

Benefits Of Installing A Radiant Barrier: Affordable And Effective

Radiant barriers are a sheet of reflective material that is installed along the ceiling of your attic just beneath the roof. A radiant barrier’s main responsibility is to reflect solar heat outward, which prevents the heat from passing through your attic into the rest of your home.

A radiant barrier is an inexpensive investment that yields significant savings for years to come. After having a radiant barrier installed, our Coolray customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save Money On Cooling Costs
  • Reduce Energy Usage
  • Stabilize Indoor Temperatures
  • Protect Your Home And Roof From Excessive Heat
  • Minimizes Heat In Your Attic And Heat Transfer To The Rest Of Your Home

How Does Radiant Barrier Installation Work?

With Coolray, installing a radiant barrier is relatively quick. We can typically have installation complete in less than a day, and you’ll start experiencing the benefits right away.

We typically recommend attaching a radiant barrier to the underside of your room for maximum results. Though many homeowners choose to add a radiant barrier when they replace their existing attic insulation, our Coolray team can often install a radiant barrier over your current insulation if it’s still in good condition.


Why Should I Choose Coolray To Install A Radiant Barrier?

Reasons why metro Birmingham residents trust Coolray:

  • When you call us, you’ll always speak with a live person who is an employee of Coolray.

  • All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We’re a locally owned and operated electrical contractor with offices throughout the Birmingham metro area.

  • We take the time to meet with you and understand your needs so we can create custom solutions that meet or exceed your expectations.

Talk with Coolray today about installing a radiant barrier in your attic!

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