Coolray Earns 2008 Consumers Choice Award

Posted 01-15-08


Coolray Heating & Cooling Receives 2008 Consumers’ Choice Award

MARIETTA, GA, (January 15, 2008) – For the ninth consecutive year in a row, Coolray Heating & Cooling has won the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence in heating and cooling (2000-2008).

Since 1987, the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence has been honoring companies who excel in their respective categories. The Consumers’ Choice Award is an initiative of the Consumers’ Choice Institute, which has retained a leading independent research firm to conduct surveys in major Canadian and U.S. cities. The winners are determined by consumers and not by a panel of judges. This program is an annual event with a new study conducted each year. Its purpose is to publicly identify those establishments that have been voted by consumers as being their choice for excellence.

The Consumers’ Choice Award is considered the “Seal of Excellence”. This award not only represents the overall achievement of a company but also represents a far greater accomplishment, the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Coolray Heating & Cooling has worked hard to gain this trust and loyalty since opening its doors in 1966. Ken Haines, President of Coolray Heating and Cooling, says “We base our business on a philosophy of people helping people. I go to extraordinary lengths to hire, train, and cultivate the very best and most talented team and back them up with 100% satisfaction.” With their high regard for quality and service, it is easy to see why Coolray Heating and Cooling is being honored yet another year for the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence.

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