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Revolutionizing the Way You Control Your Home’s Comfort.

Get Precise Control of Your Home’s Comfort — From Anywhere

Keep an eye on your AC and heating system’s energy use

Get monthly comparisons of your system’s energy use and runtime to see how much you’re actually saving.

Find what caused increases or decreases in energy use

Was the weather hotter or cooler last month? Were there more days? Or did you actually improve your efficiency? The portal will help you figure it out.

Compare your energy use to your neighbors’

Benchmark your energy use with other Côr thermostat users so you can see how energy efficient you really are.

Know how energy efficient your home is

The Côr thermostat learns the characteristics of your home to build a model of how well it gains and loses thermal energy.

Get tips on how to save money

Based on your usage, Côr will recommend changes you can make to your thermostat to save more money.

And much more

Côr thermostatPlus, the Côr thermostat from Carrier has all the great features you’ve come to expect from a smart, programmable thermostat:

A sleek design that looks good in any home
A simple, easy-to-use interface
Remote access — control it from your smartphone, tablet or computer
Smart scheduling that can automatically save you money


The Côr thermostat is compatible with almost any heating and air conditioning system, not just Carrier systems.

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