Adding Attic Insulation? 4 Resources Every Atlanta Homeowner Needs

Looking to add more insulation to your home’s attic? I’m sure you have several questions—as you should. There are many factors you need to consider to get best bang for your buck.

To help you with this project, we’ve gathered together several resources that help homeowners make the decisions they need.

The best part?

We’ve organized the resources by the questions Atlanta-area homeowners commonly ask, making it easy to find the resource you need.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, ask one of our experts for help.

“How much attic insulation should I add?”

Older homes, (15+ years old) don’t have enough insulation in the attic and need to add more. But how much more?

Read our article “How to Know if Your Atlanta Home’s Attic has Enough Insulation” to get details on:

  • If your attic needs more insulation
  • How much attic insulation an Atlanta home needs

These two details will help you deduce how much you need to add.

“What type of insulation do I need?”

Insulation comes in many different:

  • Forms- Rolls, batts, blown-in, spray foam
  • Materials- Fiberglass, cellulose, etc.

The variety is so great that it can be hard for homeowners to decide what they need.

“How much does adding insulation cost?”

There’s no concrete answer for how much adding insulation costs since it depends on

  • How much insulation you’re adding
  • What insulation material you’re using
  • Who is doing the installation

However, Home Advisor provides average estimates for professional insulation installations in the Atlanta-area.

If you want an accurate estimate based on your home’s need, contact a professional insulation installer.

“Is it worth the money to add more attic insulation?”

Once you’ve seen the average cost of adding insulation (or gotten an estimate from us), you may reconsider if it’s worth the cost.

Use’s payback estimator for adding insulation to help you see how many years it will take for the new insulation to pay for itself and if it’s worth it.

Need insulation installation advice? We’re here to help

Coolray is dedicated to keeping your Atlanta-area home comfortable and your energy bills low. If you need any advice on insulation installation, ask one of our experts for help.

Coolray is your Atlanta-area home comfort expert with specialists in heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and indoor air quality. Have more questions? We’d be happy to help – just contact us online.

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