4 Common Reasons Why Your AC Will Blow Hot Air This Summer

There’s nothing worse than sitting in your home and realizing that your air conditioner is blowing hot air--especially during the sickeningly hot summer months.

Even though It’s not summer yet, you don’t want to look for answers for why your air conditioner isn’t working when you’re burning up inside your home. It’s best to know the reasons ahead of time so you’ll know how to avoid them or when to call a professional.

So why is your AC blowing hot air? Here are 4 common reasons:

  1. Thermostat turned to heat mode
    Ok, this might be a huge “duh” but if you’re getting hot air, you might have accidentally flipped your thermostat to “heat” mode. It happens to all of us. If that’s the case, switch it back to “cool” and you’re good to go.

  2. Dirty evaporator coil caused by a dirty air filter
    Chances are, your thermostat is set to cool, and you’re still getting hot air. Now what?
    The cause could be a dirty evaporator coil caused by a dirty air filter. This keeps your air conditioner from properly cooling your home. You can change the filter, but you'll need a professional to clean the evaporator coil.

  3. Outside AC unit not properly maintained
    Walk outside and look at your air conditioner’s outside condenser unit. What do you see?
    Is there anything blocking the condenser coils air flow? Are they blocked with dirt and debris?
    If so, this seriously impacts your air conditioner’s cooling ability.
    Cleaning the condenser coils needs to be a regular activity during the summertime.

  4. Low on refrigerant/Freon
    This is the usual culprit. Your air conditioner needs a proper refrigerant (usually Freon) charge to cool your home.
    So a Freon leak can leave you feeling the heat since you’ll have a complete loss of cold air.
    You can tell if your air conditioner doesn't have enough Freon if ice forms on the inside and outside units.
    Getting a Freon charge is best left to a professional.

Get AC maintenance done during the spring

Keeping an eye on these problems will not only will this keep your air conditioner from blowing hot air, it will also prevent a costly breakdown. And the last thing you want is a breakdown during summer.

So it only makes sense to get preventative maintenance done during the spring before it gets too hot.

If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area, give Coolray a call. We have been serving Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Roswell and the Atlanta metro area since 1966.

Contact Coolray online to get maintenance done on your air conditioner. 

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