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A Message To Our Valued Customers

Cooling System Tune-Up

After reviewing hundreds of repair calls, we discovered that 53% of repair calls could have been avoided with regular maintenance. 

Our 19-step precision AC tune-up is only $89.00

We've developed a comprehensive 19-step tune-up that reduces expensive repairs and increases your system’s efficiency (saving you money). Your Coolray Technician will perform a 19-step precision tune-up and professional cleaning that should take about 1 hour to complete.

  1. Test/inspect safety devices for proper operation
  2. Inspect disconnect box for any loose connections
  3. Test/inspect contactors for burned/pitted contacts
  4. Inspect electrical compartment
  5. Test/Inspect capacitors
  6. Inspect fan blade
  7. Check all time delays
  8. Inspect service valves
  9. Measure temperature difference: supply/return
  10. Inspect ductwork
  11. Check and level thermostat
  12. Check air filter and air flow
  13. Check blower motor for proper amperage draw, voltage and wiring connections
  14. Check condenser motor for proper amperage draw, voltage and wiring connections
  15. Check compressor for proper amperage draw, voltage, and wiring connections
  16. Lubricate all motors
  17. Confirm proper charge
  18. Inspect indoor coil and condenser coil (if accessible)
  19. Inspect/clean condensate drain

Our guarantee: your money’s worth or you don’t pay

You’ll have piece of mind that if your system breaks down after your tune-up, we’ll refund the entire $89.00 or credit it to any necessary repair. And if you don’t see a savings on your utility bill, or don’t feel that it was worth the money, we will give you a refund … NO QUESTIONS ASKED!