Coolray Sponsors Local High School Baseball Teams

Posted 03-31-11


Subject: Coolray Sponsors Local High School Baseball Teams

(Marietta, GA, March 28, 2010) – Spring is in the air and local high school baseball teams are gearing up for the new season. High schools are seeing the effects of the recession but local sports programs are feeling the squeeze. Due to the tough economy and resulting budget cuts, area sports teams are looking outside their school systems for extra funding. Local high school baseball teams are leaning on their booster and dugout clubs to help raise the funds needed to continue these programs and are turning to local businesses for help.

Coolray is one local business that has “stepped up to the plate” to help out. Ken Haines, President of Coolray states, “We live and work in this community and want to see it flourish and part of that is making sure our kids are able to participate in team sports. We want them to be able to enjoy the same camaraderie and civic pride that we did when we were kids.”

Dwight Schmidt, Allatoona Dugout Club President, is one example of schools feeling the squeeze, he said, “We are a new school in a county that does not provide a budget for any sports programs. In the past this (lack of money) was not an issue since the economy was able to support locals schools and programs. However, the local and national economy has taken a turn and is no longer able to provide the help that we need. It costs us $54,000/year just to run the baseball program and that only provides the basics like baseballs, clothes, practice, shirts and jerseys. We have a new field but no concession stand, no bathrooms, no bleachers and no supporting structures for any of our athletic fields. We really appreciate the support of local companies, like Coolray.”

Wayne Sutor, Dugout Club for Duluth Baseball states, “We get limited funds from the school and must support a $70,000 program. This money pays for uniforms, baseballs, field maintenance, extra staff, etc., all of the basics needed to support our teams. We rely heavily on fundraising and appreciate all of our sponsors, especially companies like Coolray.”

This season Coolray will help out by sponsoring more than 20 Atlanta area high school baseball teams. “We’re proud to support our community and it’s great knowing we’re helping out the kids” says Haines.

Coolray Heating and Cooling, Inc.

Coolray Heating and Cooling is a locally owned and operated business, founded in 1966. They serve the greater Atlanta area with offices in Marietta, Suwanee and Jonesboro with a staff of more than 230 employees.

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