Coolray Earns Prestigious Trane Pinnacle Award

Posted 02-05-10


Coolray Earns Prestigious Pinnacle Award

MARIETTA, GA (February 5, 2010) --- Coolray Heating and Cooling Inc., received the prestigious Pinnacle Award for quality and growth in spite of the recession. Coolray was honored by the Trane Corporation, a division of Ingersoll Rand, with the 2009 Pinnacle Award. This is the first Pinnacle Award ever awarded and was earned by achieving the highest sales of any Trane dealer in the state. According to Jeff Wallace, DSO manager of Residential Solutions Division of Ingersoll Rand, “this award was earned for their impressive growth during a weak economy.”

Wallace continued to say that the Pinnacle Award recognizes the quality standards that Coolray maintains as well as their impressive growth. Not all sales leaders qualify for the Pinnacle Award. Coolray earned this award by maintaining a consistent TCS (Trane Comfort Specialist) customer satisfaction score of 95% or above which they maintained for the entire year 2009. Coolray stands out as a clear market leader for sales growth and quality in Atlanta.

“Coolray has found the right formula to not just survive in a weak economy; they have found a way to consistently grow at an impressive rate,” says Wallace; “I have no doubt that they will continue that pattern of leadership well into the future.” Ken Haines, President of Coolray Heating & Cooling says, “We are honored by this award, but know if not for our employees we would not be in this position today. They are the reason for our success.”

Haines also attributes success to their ability to stay focused on the customer, a strong company work ethic and a process of continuous improvement. Coolray sets a good example for local businesses and shows us anything is possible, even market growth in a down economy.

Coolray Heating and Cooling, Inc.

Coolray was founded in 1966 by Ray Fossell. They serve the greater Atlanta area with offices in Marietta, Lawrenceville and Jonesboro, Georgia and a staff of more than 190 employees. 

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