Coolray Heating and Cooling, LLC. Brings 50 Years of Excellence to Atlanta

Posted 01-04-16

Life in Atlanta was very different 50 years ago. Instead of “online”, there was the “phone line”. It was a time in our history when reputation and a person’s word meant everything to their continued success. Fifty years ago “Cool”-Ray Fussell founded a company out of the back of his family’s wagon dedicated to bringing air conditioning, which at the time was still just a promising new technology in home comfort, to Atlanta.

Ray was known as the “Cool” guy; easy going and someone you could trust; a guy with the know-how and the smarts to get the job done right.

Word spread that “Cool-Ray” was the man to see for families eager for relief from Georgia’s hot, muggy summers. Now, 50 years later, the company founded on his promise of fair and friendly expert service is still thriving and growing.

Coolray is one of Georgia’s largest and most successful home service companies providing more than 350 local jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars to boost the local economy. With a track record that continues Ray’s dedication to fairness and expert service, Coolray is proud to be celebrating 50 years serving Atlanta-area families.

How can any company thrive for more than five decades? Providing consistent, excellent customer service is critical to any business success. According to Coolray President, Ken Haines, “Our team members take tremendous pride in their work and there is a great sense of accomplishment felt when you can solve crises for a customer”.

Haines continues, “Our continued success through the years started with a dream, guided by planning and then built on execution. It’s getting everyone on the same page and then just doing it.”

And even after 50 years of success, Coolray is looking to the future. “We are constantly training and evolving this company to take on the challenges the future holds for us”, says Haines. “Today, everything about our industry from what our customers expect, to the way we communicate is changing and we are growing and changing to be ready for the future.”

Coolray and subsidiaries Mr. Plumber and BriteBox are locally owned and operated. They serve the greater metro Atlanta area with offices in Marietta, Suwanee and Jonesboro.

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