Simple Solutions to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

According to the EPA, the average American spends 87 percent of their life (more than 20 hours a day) indoors. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the air you breathe in these enclosed spaces and keep it as clean as possible. Find out how you can improve your home’s air quality and start breathing easier.

First things first: what causes bad air quality?

Pollutants and allergens in the air come from a variety of sources: pet dander, mold spores, chemicals, and pollen can all contribute to bad air quality. But the biggest culprit? Dust mites. They’re one of the most common indoor allergens, and symptoms can be present year-round.

Here are a few tips to improve the air quality in your home:

  • Clean your house regularly using a vacuum with a HEPA filter
  • Install a high-efficiency air filter with a high MERV rating of 11 or 12 in the furnace and the air conditioning unit (The higher the MERV rating on a filter, the fewer dust particles and other contaminants can pass through it)
  • Change the filter at least every three months to keep the air clean year-round
  • Have your heating and air conditioning units inspected and serviced every six months
  • Measure and maintain the humidity level in your home
  • Choose wood flooring over wall-to-wall carpets when possible

In addition to providing routine HVAC service, Coolray also offers several products that can increase home comfort and provide cleaner air in your home:

  • Air Cleaners and Purifiers. If you suffer from allergies, asthma, hay fever or other breathing difficulties, a whole-house air purifier can help you breathe easier.
  • UltraViolet (UV) Germicidal Lamps. UV Germicidal Lamps kill bacteria and other germs that live in your air conditioning and heating system.
  • Steam Humidification. The Carrier Steam Humidifier is designed to work independently of your HVAC system to provide the proper humidity levels for cleaner air.

If you’re interested in improving the air quality in your Atlanta area home, contact the experts at Coolray today!

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