4 Steps to Reducing Air Conditioner Breakdowns This Summer

Winter is over and spring is here, bringing higher temperatures with it. As the weather continues to warm, make sure you prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat. These tips will improve your cooling system’s energy efficiency and help reduce the risk of costly breakdowns.

Even if you’ve already turned on your air conditioner this year, you should perform these steps to make sure it will run efficiently for you all summer long.

Change your air filter

This is something that should be done regularly (every 30-90 days depending on the type of filter you own) but is often forgotten. Sometimes all we need is a reminder, so consider this your reminder to check your air conditioner’s filter before turning it on this summer. Dirty filters restrict airflow, causing your cooling system to work harder than necessary and decreasing its energy efficiency.

Clear the area around your air conditioner

Take a look around your outdoor unit and make sure it has adequate airflow by clearing away any debris you find. Winter storms may have deposited leaves, branches, dead grass or weeds next to your air conditioner. Also, trim away any shrubs or bushes.

Check the drain line

As part of the cooling process, excess moisture is created by your air conditioner and drained outside your home. If this drain line becomes clogged, it could create a mess in your home and lead to mold or fungus growth. While your system is running, look for water exiting the drain line. There shouldn’t be a lot of water, but if there isn’t anything, it could mean your line is clogged.

Get a tune-up from an air conditioning professional

There’s only so much you can assess from the outside of your air conditioner. An air conditioning tune-up from a professional, trusted HVAC company includes a check of your refrigerant level as well as an inspection of your system’s critical electrical and mechanical components. It’s much cheaper to get an AC tune-up now than to pay for an air conditioning repair in the heat of the summer.

As the heat approaches, use these four tips to increase your system’s efficiency and reduce the chances of a costly air conditioner breakdown this summer.

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