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Keep Creepy Critters Out of Your Heating and Cooling System

Posted 10-13-17 in Air Conditioning, Heating

Fall is when pest control is important. It keeps out spiders, mice and the occasional annoying neighbor.


But one place that’s often overlooked for pest control is your heating and cooling unit. Creepy critters can crawl into components of the system and cause chaos in your unit and ducts. Pest-proofing your system can prevent these critters from entering your unit and home and save you money on expensive repairs later on.


Here are some reasons you should pest-proof your heating and cooling unit, before it’s too late:


Pests can damage your unit


When an animal, like a mouse or other rodent, gets into your unit or ductwork, it can cause extensive damage. These animals are looking for a warm place to sleep in the winter, so ducts are perfect for them, but not necessarily for you. If the rodent falls down a vertical pipe and can’t get out, then that really stinks. Literally. And, not to mention, they can chew on the wires in your unit and damage those, or the whole unit, too.


Indoor air quality and odor issues


Pests in your system can cause issues with your indoor air quality. If a mouse dies in your ducts or leaves droppings behind, the odor can go through your ductwork and into your home. If you use pesticides to fix the problem, the harsh chemicals in these products can also pollute the air inside your home.


Health Problems


With bad air quality comes bad health problems. Exposure to pesticides can irritate your eyes, nose and throat and can increase your risk of cancer with prolonged exposure. Pest debris and dander are common allergens, and exposure to these contaminants can worsen asthma and other respiratory illnesses and symptoms.


How to pest-proof your home


There are multiple ways to keep pests out of your home:


1.Seal ductwork

Cracks and gaps are perfect for pests to sneak into your system. Sealing your unit and your system will make it harder for those pesky critters to get in.


2.Protect A/C condenser

Pests can chew and scratch on your condenser and cause damage. And turning on the unit when a pest is inside can cause even more problems, including a messy clean up. Clear away vegetation and clean waste to keep pests away from the unit.


3.Install flue or vent covers

Pests can crawl into your unit through flue pipes and vents. Exterior covers should be installed on all flues, intakes and vents to keep out the critters. But make sure the covers are secure, because some animals may be able to pull them off.


Keep those creepy, crawly critters out in the cold this season by making sure your heating and cooling unit is pest-proof. If you have a pest problem, call an exterminator to investigate. If you’ve had a pest problem and have damage to your unit, give us a call or schedule your next repair online.

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