Improve Furnace Efficiency

Improve Furnace Efficiency – Replace Furnace Filters

Replacing furnace filters at least once a month can improve your furnace’s efficiency and help relieve allergy symptoms. When filters are clogged with dirt and particles air cannot flow through easily and your furnace must work harder. Clogged filters loose the ability to remove more particles from the air. An inefficient furnace will cost you more in energy bills.

Changing your furnace filter is an easy task. To know what type and size of filter you need, pull out the old filter. For easy replacement, make note of how your old filter was inserted. Most filters have an arrow and top/bottom noted to make it easier to insert them correctly into the furnace. They size and type will be marked on them. Note the full dimensions, including the thickness. You can always bring the filter with you to make shopping easier.

Needed Tools and Materials

You may need a screwdriver and you will need a new replacement air filter.

Locate the air filter.

This can either be located in the blower door unit itself or located between the blower and the return air duct. You may need a screwdriver to help pry open the access panel or blower door. Remove the filter from its support.

Inspect the filter.

Hold the filter up to the light and check to see how much light passes through it. If it is a paper or fiberglass filter and is dirty, replace it. If the filter is a dry foam type filter you can wash it out or vacuum it clean.

Filter replacement.

With paper or fiberglass filters you may notice that the frame is made of cardboard. Also note the arrow on the frame that shows the direction of air flow for the filter. Insert the filter back into its holding frame with air flow positioned correctly as per the arrow. Replace the access panel or blower door as required.

With foam filters replace the cleaned or new filter as appropriate. These are usually frameless so you will have to position it carefully according to the design of your furnace. Replace the access panel or blower door as required.

Repeat this inspection monthly.

During the annual inspection of your furnace you can have your service technician show you how your filter should be checked and replaced. If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies ask your technician what they recommend to help better filter the air in your home. They are the experts and can help you find a solution that helps your family and fits your budget!

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