Holiday Hosting: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your House Guests Comfortable

It’s the time of year that’s synonymous with gatherings of family and friends. And if you’re hosting these people, it can be an added layer of stress to an already busy holiday season.

Have no fear, Coolray – your home comfort specialist – is here to help and we’ve compiled your ultimate guide to hosting holiday guests.

Stock extra toiletries

Everyone’s been on a vacation where they forgot something important, whether that’s toothpaste, shampoo or something else. Keep a drawer in your guest bathroom stocked with little extras (and don’t forget to tell your guests about it).

Pamper them

If you really want to make an impression on your holiday guests, think like a luxury hotel – include little extras.

No, we don’t mean a complimentary subscription to the New York Times. But what about pampering them with little extras like coffee in the morning or slippers and robes they can put on after showering. Nothing says comfort like a nice warm robe and soft slippers!

Quarantine your pets

Fido might be like family to you, but your holiday guests probably don’t feel the same. Even if your pets are well behaved, not everyone is a dog or cat person.

Consider moving Fido to his own area of the house while your guests are in town. Or at least make sure there’s an area in the home that guests can use that your pets can’t. Many guests are too polite to mention that your dog smells or is bothering them.

Show them how to use the thermostat

Everyone likes the thermostat at a slightly different setting and many holiday guests feel their host’s homes are much too cold but are too polite to say something. So take initiative and show them how to use your thermostat and let them know they’re free to bump the temperature up a degree or two if they need to.

And if there’s always a fight over the thermostat setting in your home, you may want to consider zoning.

Give them space

Remember, your guests are on vacation. They do want to see things and go places, but they also probably want some down time to just relax. Make sure that you leave some time in your schedule to just hang out and let them rest.

Upgrade your guest bedding

We saved the most important tip for last. The guest bedroom is extremely important because a bad night’s rest can ruin everything else you’ve done. And many guest bedrooms consist of only hand-me-down pillows and blankets. How old is the mattress in there anyway?

If you want to be the ultimate holiday host, consider upgrading to more comfortable options. Make sure the mattress doesn’t have lumps and isn’t sagging into the middle. Buy a couple new pillows and a new comforter. Small changes can make a major difference.

The secret: make them feel at home

Remember, the key to making your holiday guests feel comfortable is making them feel like they’re at home. So show them where things are and how they work.

Coolray is committed to your home comfort. For more information, contact us.

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