Give Your AC a Break

Picture it: it’s the perfect day.

You’re sitting on your porch with a tall glass of sweet tea, listening to the birds chirp and enjoying the perfect sunny-and-75 day.

Just kidding. You’re in Atlanta in August, and it’s hotter than blazes.

Instead, chances are you’re inside the house, sitting in a dark room in front of a fan.

If it seems like your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home well enough, you’re not alone. When temperatures get this high, it can be hard for your unit to keep up, especially if your thermostat is set to a low temperature.

Air conditioners are designed to cool about 20 degrees from the temperature outside. If it is 90 degrees outside and your house is near 70 degrees, then your unit is working just fine. But as temperatures climb, your unit is working overtime to keep your house cool.

If your AC is working overtime, try some of these tips to give your unit a break and keep your house cool:

Keep blinds/curtains closed during the day

This keeps out light that can quickly heat up your home.

Don’t use appliances during the heat of the day

Dishwashers, washing machines and ovens can add unnecessary heat to your home. Wait until the temperature is cooler to use these appliances.

Use fans to keep yourself cool

Keep fans running when you’re in a room. Make sure that the fan is running in a counterclockwise directions, which will make the air flow downward, therefore keeping you cooler. Remember that fans cool people, not rooms, so turn off fans in unoccupied rooms to save energy.

Set your thermostat higher

This may seem silly, but setting your thermostat higher will give your unit a break. And by comparison, when it is 90 degrees outside, a house that is 78 degrees will feel comfortable.

Use less hot water

Hot showers generate excess heat and humidity in the house, so take shorter and/or cooler showers. Also, make sure the bathroom vent fan is on while taking a shower and for 20 minutes after. This will help remove additional heat and humidity.

If your AC unit is blowing hot air even when it’s set to “auto,” or these tips don’t work, contact us. Save 10% on repairs when you schedule your next service call online.

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