2 Tips Guaranteed to Help You Achieve Higher Heating Bills

Were your heating bills too low last winter? Looking to up your game this year and get rid of a little bit of that extra cash we all have around the holidays? You’ve come to the right place.

Here are two simple tips you can do in your home that are guaranteed to help you achieve sky-high heating bills this winter in Atlanta.

Never change your air filter

Dirty air filters restrict airflow to your furnace, which greatly decreases its energy efficiency. So if you are looking for a quick and easy way to increase your heating bills this winter in Atlanta, simply never change your air filter.

This is sort of a bonus tip, because restricting the airflow to your furnace also causes stress to your heating system, which can reduce your furnace’s lifespan. So if the increased heating bills don’t take care of your extra money, prematurely replacing your furnace will.

Avoid routine furnace maintenance like the plague

One of the best ways to reduce your energy bills is to have routine maintenance performed on your heating and air conditioning system by qualified professionals. (It’s recommended by ENERGY STAR, the U.S. Department of Energy and your local utilities.)

Therefore, if your goal is higher heating bills this winter, just do the opposite – avoid maintenance at all costs.

The increased energy use from ignoring furnace maintenance is only the beginning. You will also benefit from:

  • More repairs – Furnaces that do not undergo annual maintenance are more likely to need repairs as parts wear out and cause bigger problems.
  • Shorter lifespan – Just as leaving dirty air filters in your heating system can reduce your system’s lifespan, avoiding routine maintenance can shave years off your furnace’s life.
  • Voiding the manufacturer’s warranty – Most manufacturer’s warranties on furnaces require regular maintenance to remain valid. By skipping maintenance, you are ensuring you will have to pay out of your own pocket when something goes wrong.

So if you are upset that you haven’t given your local Atlanta-area utility companies enough of your hard-earned money this year, follow these two tips. They are guaranteed to increase your heating bills this winter.

If, however, you are in the minority and you like saving money – do the opposite of what we suggest in this blog. Oh, and schedule your furnace maintenance.

Coolray is a heating, cooling and plumbing company serving the entire Atlanta metropolitan area since 1966.

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