Do You Have One Room in Your House that Just Won’t Cool Down?

Have you noticed uneven cooling in your home? If one room feels like a freezer while another feels like a furnace, your home heating and cooling system is likely not working as effectively as it should.

Reasons Your Room Temperatures are Inconsistent

Uneven cooling in your home can be due to a variety of factors. Here are a few of the most common culprits:

  1. Your Registers Are Blocked

    In the rooms that are warmer than normal, check to make sure furniture, toys, or other items do not block the registers (these are the vents that send air into the room) and make sure that the register is open. If your registers are blocked, they cannot distribute air across your room.

  2. Your Ducts Are Leaky or Not Insulated

    Cracks and gaps in your air ducts allow cool air to escape, and they allow warm air into the registers. This can cause rooms that are further away from your air conditioner to be warmer than usual. Likewise, if your air ducts are located along exterior walls, under your home, or in the attic, the heat buildup in those areas can increase the temperature of your metal ducts. As the cold air moves through your ducts, heat transfer occurs between the metal ducts and the cooled air. An inspection of your air ducts can determine if they need to be sealed and/or insulated in order to improve the cooling efficiency of your HVAC unit.

  3. Your Air Ducts Are Dirty

    Over time, dust, debris, and other objects can accumulate in your air ducts. When this debris becomes excessive, it can hinder the airflow through the ducts. To determine if your ducts are clogged, shine a light into your registers. If you see filth, you’re probably in need of an air duct cleaning from a professional HVAC technician.

  4. Your HVAC Unit Is the Wrong Size for Your Home

    Central air conditioning units that are too small for your house do not have the cooling capacity to thoroughly filter and cool all the air in your home. This often results in the unit working harder than it should and some rooms being warmer or cooler than others. Air conditioners that are too large for your home may not run long enough to cool and dehumidify every room, which can lead to rooms that feel stuffy or humid. A professional HVAC technician can examine your central air conditioning unit and the square footage of your home to determine if it is the right size.

  5. Your Air Conditioning System Needs to Be Zoned

    If you have a home with two or more levels or lots of square footage, you may benefit from a zoned air conditioning system. Home HVAC zoning allows you to individually control the rooms in your home. For example, all the bedrooms could be in one zone, the kitchen could be in another, and your living spaces could be in a third zone. By setting the desired temperatures in each zone, you are ensuring improved indoor comfort, and you could save money on your utility bills.

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