Do I Really Need to Replace My Heating Unit? Three Signs You Need a Second Opinion

Your furnace is one of the most critical parts of the mechanical systems that make your home a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable place; however, furnaces are not designed to last forever. Every homeowner is likely to face a situation where an HVAC technician responds to a service call for a repair, but instead recommends you replace your furnace.

That’s a prospect that no one wants to face. A new furnace is not cheap.

If a doctor told you that you needed immediate surgery for a condition you never knew you had, you’d be demanding a referral for a second opinion. If a furnace technician tells you that you need to replace your furnace, how do you know whether they’re trying to sell you a bill of goods or being honest with you? And what are the red flags that should warn you that you need to get a second opinion before replacing the furnace?

Signs It’s Truly Time for a Replacement

While new, more energy-efficient furnaces are designed to last for 20 to 30 years, older ones just aren’t the same way. Here are the telltale indications that it’s time to consider replacing your furnace:

  • You’re paying for repair services far too often.
  • Your heating bill has skyrocketed even when you are not changing the temperature on the thermostats in your home.
  • You house makes a lot of noises, and they seem to be coming from the furnace.
  • You set the thermostat, but some rooms feel like a wood-fired smoker while other areas feel like a giant deep freeze.
  • There is a crack in the heat exchanger.

If you’re experiencing any of these, we’re sorry, it’s time to say goodbye to your old furnace.

On the other hand, if you are not experiencing any of these things and a technician still recommends you need a new system, here are some reasons why that might not be the case.

Reasons to Get a Second Opinion

  1. A furnace technician recommends expensive repairs.

    If a furnace technician recommends that your furnace needs costly repairs when you haven’t noticed a problem, you have good reason to be suspicious. If your furnace needs legitimate repairs, the technician should show you each problem, explain the repair, and tell you how much it will cost to fix it.

  2. Pushy sales pitches

    Anytime you feel pressured to buy something or pay for a service and you’re not sure about what they’re suggesting, you need a second opinion. If you have any doubts about a technician's proposal and the cost of the service, trust your instincts. Your concern may be well founded. If you hear the same thing from a different company, then you’ve done your due diligence and can feel confident about the decision you make.

  3. A technician tells you that there is a crack in the heat exchanger.

    If the furnace repair technician tells you that your heat exchanger is cracked, insist that they show it to you. If the technician isn’t willing to show you the crack, you have good reason to be suspicious; however, a crack in the heat exchanger is one of the top indicators that a furnace needs to be replaced. There is too significant a risk that carbon monoxide can seep into your house, and that’s a dangerous situation for you and your family. So, make sure to call for a second opinion right away.

    If you’ve recently been told you need to replace your furnace, but you’re not positive if you really should, schedule an appointment with Coolray. We will always give you a fair and honest estimate for repairing and replacing the furnace in your Atlanta area home.

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