Cost to Repair a Heat Pump in Atlanta, Georgia

Wondering how much it costs to repair a heat pump?

The cost to repair a heat pump in Atlanta ranges from $100 to $800+ with the average being around $350.

Heat pump repair cost depends on factors like...

  • Heat pump age
  • Size and type of heat pump
  • Location of heat pump
  • Overall extent of damage

In this article, we’ll go into more detail for each of these repair cost factors. We’ll also cover common heat pump repairs and what you can do prevent serious heat pump issues.

Let’s start with the factors that affect heat pump repair cost.

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Heat pump repair cost factors

These factors determine the cost to repair your heat pump:

  • Heat pump age: Older heat pumps (14+ years) have older parts which can be hard to find, making them more expensive. They also require older refrigerants which are more costly.
  • Size and type of heat pump: Generally, bigger heat pumps have a higher capacity, which means they may have higher-priced parts than smaller units. Also, some heat pump brands are more expensive than others.
  • Location of heat pump unit: If the indoor component of your heat pump (called an air handler) is located in a hard-to-reach spot like a basement or crawl space, then the labor costs associated with the heat pump repair may be more expensive.
  • Extent of damage: Just like car repairs, some heat pump repairs are more expensive than others. For example, your heat pump may only need a new capacitor which is inexpensive compared to a very costly repair such as replacing the unit’s compressor.
  • Heat pump maintenance to date: A poorly maintained heat pump may require several other repairs just to fix the broken part. For example, if your blower motor fails and your heat pump isn’t well maintained, you may also need to replace a squirrel cage wheel that’s rusted to the shaft in order to reach the motor.

Common heat pump repairs

We frequently see these kinds of heat pump repairs:

A frosted heat pump:

During the winter, it’s normal for a heat pump in “heat mode” to be covered in a light frost. However, if you see so much frost on the outdoor condenser unit (like the picture above) or if the frost remains for two hours or more, then there’s likely some kind of internal problem.

Solution: Your heat pump automatically uses a “defrost mode” to eliminate the frost. But if your unit is icing up with increasing frequency, you may have a faulty defrost control board, a damaged timer motor or a bad reversing valve. You’ll need a heat pump professional to diagnose and repair the problem if that’s the case.

Leaking refrigerant:

Refrigerant shifts outdoor heat and moves it indoors. If a leak develops along a refrigerant line, it will cause the heat pump to lose its ability to draw heat from outside and bring it inside to warm your home.

Solution: A certified heating and cooling professional will need to inspect your heat pump system to locate any leaks.

Burned-out compressors:

Compressors, similar to motors, can wear down over time. If you start to hear grinding noises from your heat pump and notice a loss of heating power, then the compressor may be breaking down and will need to be replaced.

Solution: Contact an HVAC expert to examine your heat pump’s compressor.

Broken reversing valves:

This is the valve that reverses the heat pump to switch between heating and cooling. If your valve is broken, it will cause your heat pump to be stuck in one mode so you’ll need a heating and cooling expert to replace it.

Solution: Call a heating and cooling expert to replace your reversing valve.

Want an accurate cost estimate to repair your heat pump?

Contact Coolray to repair your heat pump. One of our certified technicians will visit your home, perform some initial diagnostics and find your heat pump problem. Then, they’ll explain the repair price upfront based on the factors from this article.

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