Big Families and Big Houses: The Benefits of Zoning Your Home

Heating and cooling a large home for a large family can easily become a never-ending battle over the thermostat. Parts of the house may be too hot during the winter or summer months while others may feel like a walk-in cooler. No one is happy, everyone is arguing, and the numbers on the utility bill are sending Mom and Dad into a panic.

If you’re dealing with a similar scenario, we’re here to offer a solution.

Why Your Current System Doesn’t Work

If you live in a big house, you may have a whole house HVAC system, but the singular thermostat that controls the temperature isn’t capable of recognizing the temperature in other parts of the house. If you try to raise the temperature to warm up the family room, then the second and third floors wind up feeling like a giant oven.

What is Multi-Zoning in a Home and How Does it Work?

Multi-zoning involves the division of areas of your home into separate zones. Each zone has a separate thermostat that is connected to a central control panel for the HVAC system in your house. Because the zones aren’t wired to the same thermostat, homeowners can adjust the temperature of every zone separately.

During the winter, there is no point cranking up the heat in unused areas of your home. The same for the summer, there’s simply no point in keeping all of the house cool. You can also adjust the temperature in each bedroom, giving everyone their perfect sleeping environment.

A zoned heating and cooling system can revolutionize the way you and your family use and enjoy your home. Not only will the energy efficiency lower your utility costs, but the addition of this multi-zoning system may even increase the value of your home.

Schedule an appointment with Coolray to find out how a multi-zoned heating and cooling system can transform the way you live in and enjoy your home.

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