Be Prepared for Sky-High Summer Temperatures

As summer arrives and the heat rises, you may be looking for ways to shed your 2018 summer cooling costs. Central HVAC systems are notorious for high-energy costs in the summer. According to, heating and cooling your home contributes to about 48% of a home’s energy usage. Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to lower the costs tied to keeping your home cool and comfortable this summer.

  1. Invest in a Programmable or Smart Thermostat
    The old HVAC wisdom says, “set it and forget it.”This means when you turn on your HVAC system for the first time in the summer, set your thermostat to your desired setting and leave it. However, with the introduction of programmable and smart thermostats, this advice is outdated. Programmable thermostats allow you to pre-set temperature settings according to the time and day of the week. Even more customizable is a smart thermostat, which essentially gives you full control over your heating and air system through your phone. Both of these options will allow you to use your cooling system more efficiently. 

  2. Be Mindful of Stove and Oven Use
    During the summer, your stove and oven can add a significant amount of heat to the inside of your home. While it’s unrealistic to avoid using these appliances all summer, their effects are important to keep in mind. If you’re looking for an alternative on a hot summer day, consider cooking outdoors on your grill or utilize small appliances, like microwaves and slow cookers.

  3. Keep the Blinds Closed
    Sunlight can improve your mood and brighten your home. Unfortunately, that same sunlight can increase the heat in your home, forcing your air conditioner to operate more frequently. During the hottest part of the day, usually between noon and five in the evening, consider closing your blinds to help your air conditioner operate more efficiently.

  4. Seal and Caulk
    If your home is leaking cool air to the outside through gaps in your windows and doors, it is also allowing hot air inside. Consider adding weather stripping to your exterior doors and caulking windows to decrease air leaks.

  5. Change Your Air Filter
    Don’t forget to change your air filter as the temperatures start to rise. A dirty or clogged air filter will restrict the airflow inside your HVAC unit, causing it to work harder and increasing the wear and tear on your cooling system.

  6. Consider Using Fans
    Ceiling fans and oscillating fans can help your home feel cooler by keeping the air moving even when your air conditioner isn’t actively cooling and dehumidifying your indoor air, which can increase your level of comfort. In fact, you may even be able to raise the temperature setting on your thermostat once you start using fans.

  7. Schedule an HVAC Tune-up with Coolray
    Problems with your HVAC system can result in higher summer cooling bills. Scheduling an HVAC tune-up with our Coolray heating and cooling technicians can help catch problems before they result in a house that is too hot and massive energy bills. Our HVAC technicians can check to make sure your thermostat is operating correctly and also advise on upgrading to programmable or smart thermostats. We can also check out all the moving parts of your air conditioner, check and fill Freon levels, and clean the unit to remove dirt, dust, and debris that can restrict air flow.

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