5 Online Tools To Help You Reduce Your Air Conditioning Costs

Are you an Atlanta area homeowner looking for ways to save on your air conditioning costs this summer? Then look no further. We have created a list of the top five online resources that can help you do just that.

Online Thermostat

Georgia Power recommends setting your thermostat at 78 in the summer. But have you ever wondered how much you could save by increasing that setting a few degrees? This online tool gives you an estimate of how much you can expect to reduce your cooling costs by adjusting your thermostat.

Virtual House

This tool is also from our local utility company, Georgia Power. Here, energy-saving tips are broken down by room so you can see how each part of your house affects your energy bills. This great online resource will help you reduce not only your air conditioning costs but also your energy bills overall. Check out the attic and living room for tips specifically related to air conditioning costs.

Online Energy Checkup

By logging into your Georgia Power account, you can take a quick, 15-minute survey that will give you specific, customized information on lowering your utility bills. Using your utility bills and your answers to a few questions about your home, your appliances and how you use energy, you will get a personalized report on how you can save the most money.

Home Energy Saver

A tool from the U.S. Department of Energy, this online resource is similar to Georgia Power’s Online Energy Checkup, but with much more detail. You will enter specific information about your home such as year built, amount of insulation, types of windows, type of heating and cooling equipment and more. You will spend the most time filling this one out, but you will also be rewarded with the most helpful advice.

Save Energy @ Home

From ENERGY STAR, this interactive online resource lets you view energy-saving tips by room. Like the Virtual House tool above, Save Energy @ Home walks you through reducing not only your air conditioning costs, but your entire energy bill. This is a great way to gain some helpful tips quickly and easily.

As the temperature in the Atlanta area continues to climb, so will your cooling bills. You can use these five helpful online resources to reduce your air conditioning costs this summer.

Coolray provides heating and air conditioning services to the entire Atlanta metropolitan area. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and save you money.

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