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Get your AC system in shape with a Coolray Performance Tune-Up

Make sure your air conditioner is performing at peak efficiency with a Performance AC Tune-Up from Coolray. 

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Our Extensive Air Conditioner Performance Tune-Up

We've developed a comprehensive tune-up that reduces expensive repairs and increases your air conditioning system’s efficiency (saving you money). Your Trust Certified Coolray Technician is available to perform a performance tune-up and professional cleaning today.

  1. Test/inspect safety devices for proper operation
  2. Inspect disconnect box for any loose connections
  3. Test/inspect contactors for burned/pitted contacts
  4. Inspect electrical compartment
  5. Test/Inspect capacitors
  6. Inspect fan blade
  7. Check all time delays
  8. Inspect service valves
  9. Measure temperature difference: supply/return
  10. Inspect ductwork
  11. Check and level thermostat
  12. Check air filter and air flow
  13. Check blower motor for proper amperage draw, voltage and wiring connections
  14. Check condenser motor for proper amperage draw, voltage and wiring connections
  15. Check compressor for proper amperage draw, voltage, and wiring connections
  16. Lubricate all motors
  17. Confirm proper charge
  18. Inspect indoor coil and condenser coil (if accessible)
  19. Inspect/clean condensate drain

What Coolray Offers

  • Repair Warranties

    We are a company you can trust. When you subscribe to our air conditioning maintenance plan, repairs are covered by Coolray Warranties.

  • Air Conditioners

    Today, you have a lot of options for how you cool your home. At Coolray, we believe in using only the most innovative and efficient cooling technology available.

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