You are in Tennessee. Visit Georgia. Visit Alabama.

You are in Tennessee. Visit Georgia. Visit Alabama.

You are in Tennessee. Visit Georgia. Visit Alabama.

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Coolray will help you decide which tank water heater works best for your home. 

We also offer fast replacement and expert installation. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a new water heater including capacity, efficiency, size requirements, brand and cost.

Considerations When Selecting a Storage Water Heater

  • Capacity: When purchasing a water heater, it's essential not to oversize. While certain buyers may decide based on the storage tank's dimensions, what holds greater significance is the peak hour demand, also known as the first-hour rating (FHR). The FHR quantifies the volume of hot water the heater can provide within an hour and is mandated by regulations to be displayed on the Energy Guide label. To establish the appropriate water heater size for your residence, a capacity assessment will be conducted by your Coolray technician.
  • Energy Efficiency: The "Energy Factor" (EF) is the gauge of energy efficiency for a storage water heater. A greater EF signifies enhanced efficiency in the water heater's operation. Gas water heaters typically possess an EF ranging from 0.50 to 0.60, while select high-efficiency models can even achieve around 0.80. Additionally, it's advisable to seek out tanks with a minimum of 1.5 inches of foam insulation and to refer to the energy efficiency ratings displayed on the Energy Guide labels.
  • Cost: Opting for a budget-friendly water heater while disregarding operational costs might seem alluring, yet this approach proves unwise. Frequently, the initial inexpensive options tend to incur higher operating expenses. While a high-efficiency water heater could entail a slightly higher upfront investment, the subsequent savings in operating costs will undoubtedly offset the initial outlay. To guide your selection towards an energy-efficient water heater, consult the information provided on the Energy Guide label.

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