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Carrier Performance Air Conditioners

Carrier's Performance Series air conditioners are nothing to be scoffed at. With SEER's as high as 18 and operation quieter than most dishwashers, these air conditioners are an efficient and affordable way to keep your Atlanta home cool during the summer. 

Performance 17 Air Conditioner

Carrier Performance Series Air ConditionerAt 18 SEER, this elite air conditioner is the most energy efficient Carrier Performance Series unit. The two-stage compressor allows the Performance 17 to use less energy and provides superior dehumidification during our hot and humid Atlanta summers.

Like all new Carrier air conditioners, the Performance 17 uses earth-friendly refrigerant (R-410A). It also qualifies as an Energy Star product.


Performance 16 Air Conditioner

Carrier Performance Series Air ConditionerThis Carrier Comfort System is known for its high efficiency, with a SEER of 16.5. This air conditioner is also equipped with WeatherArmor Ultra Protection for a longer lifespan and a compressor sound blanket for quieter operation.

 With a Energy Star-qualified Carrier Performance 16 air condtiioner, you can reduce your air conditioning costs during the summer and increase your family's comfort.


Performance 13 Air Conditioner

Carrier Performance Series Air ConditionerThe Performance 13 air conditioner from Carrier boasts a SEER of up to 15. This air conditioner includes WeatherArmor Ultra Protection to keep your unit running longer.

An included compressor sound blanket helps keep operation ultra quiet. Reduce your air conditioning costs this summer and increase your family's comfort with the Performance 13 air conditioner.

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