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Carrier Infinity Series Furnaces

The Infinity Series is Carrier's premium line of gas furnaces. These units offer top-of-the-line quality with high efficiency ratings and the ability to work and communicate flawlessly with other Carrier Infinity Series products (such as air conditioners, heat pumps, thermostats and air quality products.)

98% Efficient (Variable Speed) Infinity 98 with Greenspeed Intelligence

Delivering a rating of up to 98.5% AFUE, the Infinity 98 gas furnace from Carrier has one of the highest efficiencies in the industry and was named ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2012.

The Greenspeed Intelligence system within the Infinity 98 gas furnace allows it to operate in precise, 1% adjustments in capacity from 40 to 100% when coupled with an Infinity thermostat. This enables the furnace to adapt its output to the exact needs of your home, resulting in quieter operation, lower energy usage and increased comfort.

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Carrier Infinity 98 with Greenspeed

96% Efficient (Variable Speed) Infinity 96

One of Carrier’s most energy efficient furnaces, with a rating of up to 96.7% AFUE, this Infinity Series furnace offers superior performance, a variable-speed fan motor, and is also Energy Star qualified.

The variable speed blower operates on the lowest setting over 90% of the time, giving you increased comfort and reduced energy bills. As part of the Infinity Series, the Infinity 96 furnace also communicates with Carrier's advanced Infinity thermostats to configure itself for optimal performance.

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80% Efficient (Variable Speed) Infinity 80

Premium Carrier furnace with two stages of heating that delivers the right amount of heat for maximum comfort. Although not as efficient as the other Infinity models, the Infinity 80 provides the quality and comfort Carrier is known for.

It is also compatible with Carrier infinity thermostats for automatic and precise control of your entire home comfort system.

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